Dry Cleaning and Finishing
Every item receives individual attention. We inspect for stains. Each stain requires a different treatment. We choose the right cleaning method for each item. For garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we combine different cleaning methods to give you the best possible results. Detailed attention and flawless finishing are guaranteed. Key areas of each garment are checked to make sure you always look your best.

Shirt Laundering
We specialize in safely laundering all shirts. Our gentle process is careful on buttons, yet can remove the toughest collar and cuff stains. We use premium detergents and a gentle wash cycle to preserve the life of your shirts. You may choose starch or no starch. Hanger shirts are packaged with collar supports upon request and buttons are replaced free of charge.

We have a team of expert tailors and seamstresses on our dry cleaning staff at our location. If you love your existing wardrobe, we have professionals on staff that can give a second life to your favorite things. We pride ourselves in providing personal care with the utmost attention to detail.

Alterations, Repairs, and Tailoring
The alteration specialists have decades of experience working on all your fine fabrics and delicate decorations from minor mending to major restyling. Whether you are looking to change your old wardrobe, or alter your favorite new garment, we can help you look your best!

For any other Repair or Alteration questions, our professional tailors and expert staff is available to offer advice on all of your tailoring needs.

Wedding Gowns
Wedding dress cleaning and preservation requires a high level of expertise and personal care. Your wedding gowns will go through a thorough process of cleaning and restoration.  This ensures that your dress will be in prime condition and perfect for preservation.  We help preserve the memories of your big day by dry cleaning wedding dresses with our time-tested process.

Leather and Suede Cleaning and Restoration
We clean and restores all leather and suede garments. These materials often aren’t colorfast, and some dye may come out during cleaning. Also, leather and suede dry over time. That’s why we add color as needed, preserving the item in top condition for years of use.  Our Freshening Service maintains your garment throughout the wearing season with delicate cleaning, conditioning, and finishing.

Ugg’s Cleaning
We clean hundreds of pairs of Uggs every season. We have developed our own system, using methods that gently remove water stains and soil and restore the sheepskin back to its original condition. Bring in your Uggs today and let us restore them for you.

Table and Linens 
Fine linens are soaked in specially formulated detergent to remove those stubborn stains. Linens are then hand and machine finished, and folded on hangers.

Area Rugs
In our rug cleaning department, your rugs are treated to a luxurious cleansing that gently removes the embedded soils, brings the colors back to life and restores the soft textures you remember from when they were new.

Our professional staff is highly trained in bedding cleaning and washes your bedding with the latest cleaning agents to ensure complete sanitation and comfort. We also specialize in many other areas around the house for all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs, including Down Comforters, Duvet Covers, Bedspreads, Quilts, Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Sofa Covers and more!

Draperies Cleaning
Our team of professionals assess each project individually. We map and measure each piece and then clean the drapes with a custom process that will remove stains without harming the textile. We dry clean delicate fabrics with care, keeping curtains clean and beautiful.

“Great customer service and the work they do on suits is outstanding. Highly recommend College Plaza Cleaners!!”

Dan Andrade

“College Plaza Cleaners replaced the zipper on my Levi’s 517 jeans. Great job guys and thanks for helping me save a $50.00 pair of Levi’s!”

Richard Martinez

“Fast & Reliable. On Tuesday morning, I realized that I forgot to have my dress hemmed for a wedding today (Saturday). I brought it in right away and they had it ready for me by Friday morning at 8am. They were courteous, professional and did a beautiful job. The seamstress even called me before she started working on the dress to verify the cost. Would definitely use them again in the future!”

Kelly-Anne Kratz

“Brought in my daughter’s UGG boots to be cleaned and was amazed with how they came out! One pair of her boots were covered with the slime that kids make today and the other pair was left out in the rain!! I swore I would never buy her another pair. I waited almost a year before I thought about getting them cleaned! They were perfect!!!”

Kathleen Devine

“This dry cleaner is amazing! Their customer service is very professional and they go above and beyond to make their customers happy! Highly recommended!”

Lynn Stewart

“My go to dry cleaners. Love the place. Awesome service and great dry cleaning.”